Bill’s Plan to Transform City Government Through Smarter Auditing

We could be doing more audits, but it’s not just the quantity that matters, it’s the quality, too. Better auditing is the key to finally making real progress in transforming Baltimore City government that has eluded us for so long. As Comptroller Bill will pursue an audit plan with the power to transform government, and he’ll complete certain priority audits in year one.

  • Priority Audits and Reports
    • Baltimore’s 311 System
    • Water Billing
    • Housing Code Enforcement
    • Lead Abatement Response
    • Baltimore City’s PILOT Agreements
    • Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice
    • Mayor’s Office of Children and Family Success
    • Salesforce Implementation
    • Illegal Dumping Response
    • Private Policing Impact


  • Audit Key Agencies Every Year. Together, the following five agencies account for ⅔ of City spending and more than 50% of City spending. They also are responsible for many of the most critical outcomes that affect our lives every day. Bill Henry will move these offices to annual audits because this is where the Department of Audits can have the most impact.
    • Public Works
    • Police
    • Transportation
    • City Schools
    • Fire


  • Audit Focus Areas. As your Comptroller, Bill will direct the Department of Audits to get answers to the most pressing questions for City government. This means aggressively auditing plans, programs, and outcomes that matter. In addition to his emergency audit plan, Bill will routinely look for opportunities to audit in the following areas.
    • City subsidies and tax incentives.
    • Public safety.
    • Information technology.
    • Municipal services.

Implementation of Major New Legislation (for example, Complete Streets and the Equity Assessment Program).